Dedales es un dúo que relata la historia de dos costureras en la década de 1950; cuando el coser representaba uno de los pocos oficios habilitados para las mujeres.


Mixed Episode

Mixed Episode is a solo that investigates the transition between chaos and harmony through movement through different domestic and unconventional scenarios .


Focal Distance

Focal Distance is a video dance inspired by physical distancing, where the window plays as a focal bridge for the encounter between the Company's interpreters.


Hypotonic is a solo that investigates the possibilities of movement and expression of the body based on the hypotonic condition, a decrease in muscle tone.


Gravitar is a solo that merges the trade of Chinchin with Contemporary Dance, inspired by the challenges that this traditional Chilean instrument implies.

Widows of the Sea

Widows of the Sea is a play that goes through the loss and absence of an absent body, inspired by the spirit of the ‘animitas’ and the traditional funeral rites of Chile.