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Hilo Rojo Dance Company is a dancing work team led by the choreographer Maria Jose Franco Campos which has presented works, workshops and artistic interventions since 2017 in the Valparaíso and In 2020 made its first international tour to Belém do Pará, Brazil. Hilo Rojo creates plays that tell stories. This dramaturgical base creates a universe where the language of movement develops. The job is to translate and express these stories from the body, exploring the choreographic possibilities of the gesture.


The Hilo Rojo Dance Company was created in 2017 by Maria José Franco Campos with the work 'Viudas del Mar'. The costumes were made by Carol Contreras, official costume designer of the Company to date. The good reception of the play led to the creation in 2018 of 'Hypotonic', which formalizes the presence of the contemporary dancer Paola Cortés in the Company. In parallel, Hilo Rojo also organizes the 'I Meeting of Choreographers', the 'I Short Dance Festival' and collaborates with the local company “Puerto Danza” in the Festival 'Body and Territory'.

In 2019 the creation of 'Gravitate' is carried out, played by the chinchin and contemporary afro dancer Camila Guerrero. That same year, Antonio Perez (urban dancer), Julieta Mazzoni (contemporary dancer and cultural manager) and Maureen Mayne Nicholls (dance photographer) joined in. Thus, a production area and a diversification of roles within the Company is formalized, in addition to regular training. The Company dictates its first intensive seminar at the cultural house ‘Templo Silbante and is selected by DIRAC to carry out its first international project.

In 2020 Hilo Rojo travels to Belém do Pará, Brazil; and presents its shows and workshops in the ‘Casarao do Boneco’ cultural space. Then a transformation period begins in the context of confinement, where digital adaptations of the entire repertoire are made and two video dance pieces are created: Focal Distance and Mixed Episode. Looking ahead to 2021, the Company works on new creative processes, seeking to consolidate its own language based on the contributions of the different techniques of the interpreters. Currently they are working on the creation of a new workshop and on the creation of the works 'Thimbles' and 'Latency'.


Hilo Rojo creates plays that tell stories. The job is to translate and express these stories from the body, exploring the choreographic possibilities of the gesture. This narrative base allows the plays to be accessible to many audiences.

The Chilean intangible heritage runs through all of the Company's works. Trades such as fishing, sewing and chinchin are personified by the interpreters in a reminiscent key, working with folklore materials, such as the charango or horsehair crafts. There is a continuous dialogue between Chilean tradition and contemporaneity, contributing to the task of building and updating popular historical memory. The perspective of women is often the eye from which the plays are worked, without focusing on the pamphlet.

The language of movement developed by Maria Jose Franco Campos is based on the gesture as a starting point. The choreographic repertoire and its specific qualities are created on the actions of the referenced context, the investigations derived from the chosen scenic objects and the conflict map displayed by the narrative nucleus. Each work presents a different body proposal, accentuated by the artistic background of each performer and built in parallel to a specific wardrobe and sound.


Since its foundation, Hilo Rojo has sought to mobilize its works to other territories with good repercussions. In 2018 it participated with his work ‘Hypotonic’ in the 'Strange City' Festival, in the emblematic space 'La Casa de los X', in Santiago de Chile. In 2019 it participates with the same play in the 'Dance and Movement' Festival in Pichilemu.

In 2020, thanks to the support of DIRAC, the Company makes its first international tour to Belém do Pará, Brazil; with the project 'El Solo y El Gesto'. It involved a 10-day stay in the mythical space 'Casarão do Boneco' where the works 'Hypotonic' and 'Gravitate' were exhibited and the second edition of the Company Seminar was held, with academics, afro, composition and cultural management workshops.


The Company trains regularly, as long as the pandemic contingency allows it. To strengthen its training and expand language possibilities, it relates with different dance masters in Chile through Masterclasses. To date, the Company has has intensive encounters with Elena Lucas, Victor Soto and David Legue.
A la fecha la Compañía se ha formado con Elena Lucas, Victor Soto y David Legue.


Camila Guerrero


Javiera Walker


Antonio Pérez


Valentina Michelle


Maria José Franco Campos


Maureen Maynenicholls


Fernando Gajardo


Antú Castro


Carol Conteras



Simone Verdugo


Julieta Mazzoni


Armando de Mendonça F.

MÚSICO (Distancia Focal)

Paola Cortés


Olga Carrasco

MÚSICA (Gravitar)

Daniel Aspillaga Borquez

MÚSICO (Viudas del Mar Online)

Camilo Gomez

MÚSICO (Hipotónico)

Antonio Monasterio

MÚSICO (Episodio Mixto)